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Friday, January 29, 2016

Declaration of Independence Breakup Letter

Declaration of Independence Breakup Letter
Chantal Yidios and Manuela Cortes
January 23 2016

There comes a point in every relationship when couples start fighting. Usually these fights begin with a little detail that makes one person uncomfortable and before you know it, the detail that was once so small has suddenly become the biggest issue in your relationship. In some cases if two people truly love each other they can get over it and move on to be the happy lovers that they once were. However despite my best efforts, this has not shown to be one of those cases. I am writing this letter because I no longer have the strength to keep fighting for this.
I committed in this relationship because my hopes were that I was going to be happy and be taken care of. I also thought that I was going to be free of my thoughts and actions. I thought I was going to be able to express my thoughts and actions. I thought I was going to express my concerns and receive only support from you, not judgement. I hoped you would pick me up when I fell down.
I no longer have the strength to keep fighting for this because your have made me exhausted. Of all the reasons, the most important ones are below. I feel that...
  • You don't respect me
  • You ignore my complaints and my words
  • You constantly judge me
  • You show absolutely no support
  • You can't accept the person who I was in the past
  • You don't help me become a better person, on the contrary, you force me to make the worst decisions.
  • You are not letting me be free and have other friends
  • You go behind my back and tell my friends that I no longer want to be with them even though you know I would never say anything like that
  • You don't let me spend time with anybody that is not you
  • You only hear what you want to hear, not what people actually tell you
  • You don't take me or this relationship seriously
  • You don't longer feel anything other than hate towards me

I thought I had find the one, but now it's clear that I have to keep searching, because you are definitely not him. I'm writing this to express my feelings and thoughts that I never dare to say to you in the face. You hurted me in more humanly ways than possible, and for that, I'm breaking up with you. I am stopping both of us from getting hurt. I'm sorry it had to go this way but I deserve some freedom and respect, I deserve everything you weren't giving to me. I hope you find happiness, and you won't hurt your other partners like you did to me. They say you have to kiss frogs until you find your prince, I guess you were just another frog.

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