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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Blogpost #8: Roanoke

Which theory best explains what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke?

I think the best explanation as to what happened to the settlers, is that they moved inland and we're absorbed into Native tribes. Although there is not a lot of proof, the little there is proves this. To begin with, a map was found with patches and with 21st century technologies, scientists found out that below the patches there were signs that might have indicated a new camping site for settlers. Additionally,they found markings that showed settlers probably moved inland. "...21st century imaging techniques have revealed hidden markings that show inland fort where the colonists could have resettled..." Theo Emery, New York Times. Lastly, I think that this is the best theory because, although concrete proof was never found, John White had mentioned an inland settlement. "...White himself made an oblique reference to a destination 50 miles inland..." Brent Lane, member of the board of the First Colony Foundation. Although there is some proof as to what might have happened to the Lost Colony, it is still a myth. some say it might have been created just for entertainment and there was really never a Lost Colony. Others talk about cannibalism or alien abduction. There is really no concrete proof for any of the theories, but in my opinion this is the most likely, and the theory that has the most proof.

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