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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blog Post #5: Socratic Seminar Reflection

2-3 main ideas
  1. We questioned if Columbus had really discovered America or if discovery is a very strong word to describe what he did.
  2. Then we argumented against Columbus because he had really mean and aggressive ways to get what he wanted.
  3. Lastly, we discussed that, even though Columbus did an amazing discovery, but other explorers did great voyages as well and Columbus should not be the only one getting acknowledged.

Interesting Ideas
One interesting idea that we discussed in the seminar was that if Columbus had never discovered America, maybe someone else would have discovered it. Or maybe, they would have discovered it with technology, like satellites. What would have happened?

I disagreed when people said that Columbus had not achieved his goals. It is true that he never reach asia, but he did bring back gold, he expanded Christianity and got glory, which were three really big goals for him. And as Warren H. Carroll says in the article Honoring Columbus "...he accomplished the most against the highest odds"

My Participation
I think I did a good job in the Socratic seminar because almost every time that I spoke, I referenced the text. However, I know that sometimes I gave my own ideas, and did not give quotes from the article, but in general I think I did a good job. Next time I will try to reference the text every time I speak.

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