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Monday, September 14, 2015

Blog Post #3: Socratic Reflection

1. Share 2-3 main ideas you are taking away from the seminar
We discussed that the author is very bias about the Socratic dialogue because he says it is the best way. He is not taking into account that different people,  learn in different ways and not everybody learns his way.

I also learned and discussed that the author is not being clear when he says that history can tell the future because he only mentions it one time, and after that never reasons it.

We discussed that the author is making a very good point when the author says that we have not learned form our mistakes. If we had, things like poverty and war would probably not exist.

2. Interesting Ideas
If we had truly learned from our mistakes, would poverty, injustice and war not exist? Or would we somehow keep falling into the same loop over and over?

3. Disagree
I disagreed when some people said that the author was being bias about the teachers. The author mentioned that some teachers had a bad method, not that they were bad teachers. He also mentioned that in High School he had GREAT teachers.

4. My Participation
I contributed with some thoughts and questions. However in the next seminar I will try to participate more. Sadly I feel that some people talked too much and they yelled in order to be heard. By  doing this, they didn't let others speak more than once, including myself. I hope next time EVERYONE gets a chance to speak more than one time.

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