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Monday, September 7, 2015

Blog Post #2

The "face of North America" was drastically altered as a result of the early encounters between Native Americans and Europeans.

I agree with this statement because with the arrival of Europeans, Native Americans learned new ways of doing things. For instance, they learned how to handle axes, knives and various other tools that helped them produce things faster. Before the early encounters, Native Americans had very little tools, and the ones they had, weren't very useful.

"Copper, axes, knives, cloth, and the technologies that produced them were the most important aspect of Native peoples’ discovery of Europe, and the most important reason that Native leaders persistently sought alliances with Europeans, untrustworthy as those who ate wood and blood might be." Daniel Richter

 Besides showing them tools, Europeans showed the Natives new religions, guns and, basically, a completely new life style. But whether it was because of the tools, the religion, the guns or any other thing, the fact is that the natives completely changed their lifestyle after the early encounters and, even now, they keep changing their ways of living, without ever looking back.

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  1. You put a really long quote in the middle, but you do not give credit to where the quote came from. Nowhere do you cite any of the 10 documents we used. This seems thrown together quickly without much thought to really identifying where your ideas came from after reading all the documents and looking at the drawings.